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Mustard Man

2011 BockFest - Händlmaier Mustard Club CincinnatiOnce upon a time there was a fearless warrior who brought great taste to the masses…and his name was Mustard Man!

Mustard Man vs. Ketchup Kid - 2012 BockFest - Händlmaier Mustard Club CincinnatiMustard Man emerged from the shadows for Bockfest 2011, when he led the Mustard Club group in the Bockfest parade. He handed out small packets of Händlmaier’s mustard to bemused onlookers, and generally rocked the yellow lycra. In 2012, Mustard Man defeated Ketchup the Kid in a title bout — “Bocky 20” — during that year’s Bockfest parade. His efforts helped the club earn the “Best Parade Entry” trophy. And Mustard Man helped us celebrate Bockfest turning 21 in the 2013 parade.

2011 BockFest - Händlmaier Mustard Club CincinnatiBut Mustard Man is not just our Bockfest mascot, he’s the party starter, the rallying figure of Mustard Club, and the embodiment of our fun-loving spirit. He’s made appearances at some of our monthly “meetings,” multiple Oktoberfest celebrations, and even a couple pub crawls.

The first Mustard Man was Ross, who is now on active duty in the Marine Corps. We’re proud of him for serving our country, and are always happy to see him when he’s able to visit us.

2012-11-02 Halloween Pub Crawl (Cheviot) - Händlmaier Mustard Club CincinnatiOur current Mustard Man is Nick, who proudly wears the yellow, and married Mustard Maiden Chrissy in 2013.

Where ever good taste and condiments are needed…Mustard Man will be there, spreading the word about Händlmaier’s mustard and our Mustard Club!