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Club Election RESULTS

Schriftführerin - Tracie Berryhill - Händlmaier Mustard Club Cincinnati

Woah, wait a second…  how can there be results if we didn’t vote?!  Well…

Only one person was nominated for Secretary — Tracie Berryhill — and Treasurer — Candy Shannon — and they accepted the nominations.  Since there was no one to run against them, they won the positions by default.

Kassierin - Candy Shannon - Händlmaier Mustard Club Cincinnati

Our 2013 Vice President, Lana Jo Morton, was nominated again for Vice President.  Lana and Chuck Dietz (2013 President) were both nominated for President.  Lana accepted the nomination.  Chuck declined the nomination.  So Lana became President by default.

1.Vorstand - Dave Plogman - Händlmaier Mustard Club Cincinnati

And according to Club election rules, the President has the authority to appoint the Vice President, if the office is vacant.  Lana appointed Dave Plogman to the position, and he accepted.

So congratulations to our new officers:

1.Vorstand - Lana Jo Morton - Händlmaier Mustard Club Cincinnati

President, Lana Jo Morton!
Vice President, Dave Plogman!

Congrats to Treasurer, Candy Shannon, and Secretary, Tracie Berryhill.  Thank you for your continued service!

And a big thank you to our outgoing President, Chuck Dietz for his years of outstanding service to the club!

If you get a chance, at an upcoming meeting or event, please take a moment to stop and thank our new and past officers…  it’s only with their commitment and hard work that this Club has grown into the amazing, fun, dynamic group that it continues to be.