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ARTICLE: Breakfasts and brunches from around the world

Our Club’s Weißwurst breakfast is explained in an article local food critic Polly Campbell wrote for the Enquirer on how different countries do breakfast/brunch.

January 28, 2011 – Cincinnati Enquirer Weekender

Breakfasts and brunches from around the world

by Polly Campbell

Not everyone in the world starts the day with eggs and bacon or cornflakes. In different countries around the globe, people breakfast on soup or rice, cheese, baked beans or corn tortillas. In restaurants in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, you can try some of these international breakfasts. We got up early in the morning to create the following list of suggestions:


In Munich, the morning specialty is weisswurst, an almost-white veal sausage flecked with green. It must be eaten before the church bells ring at noon, so it’s either breakfast or a morning snack. Traditionally, it’s eaten with pretzels, Händlmaier mustard and weissbier. In 2005, Scott Scholz first tried this meal in Munich. He came back and started the United States’ only Händlmaier fan club. The club’s main activity is to get together once a month at Mecklenburg Gardens and eat that Bavarian breakfast. The next meeting is Feb. 12. The buffet starts at 11 a.m. You may join the club — it’s only $5 — but membership is not required to dig into the buffet and slather the specially imported mustard on your bretzl (pretzel) 302 E. University Ave., Corryville. 513-221-5353.